It was a normal Tuesday in Makunka, where Jesse was preaching to the pastors and leaders at his regular leadership meeting. After the meeting,  he and the leaders were praying for  each other in the dilapidated church building. A woman was walking by and heard people praying inside. She approached Pastor Enock who was standing outside and asked, “Do you think they can pray for me? I’m sick.” He said, “Yes, they can!” She said, “Can my demons can come out?” He responded, “Yes, they can!” 

           Before I continue the story, I want to share something. Usually we come to these villagers with nothing in our hands - no feeding programs, business grants, or irrigation systems.  There are times that we help with true physical needs, but the gospel is the paramount gift that we bring, and I’ll tell you why. That woman, more than anything that day, wanted something that money can’t buy, and humans can’t do. She wanted to be free. She wanted rest in her soul. We don’t preach a gospel that just gives you security for the afterlife. This gospel of what Jesus accomplished on the cross touches and brings light into every part of a man’s life and being while he lives on this earth. And when people look at us with desperation, wondering if Jesus could possibly be the answer to their suffering, we, with great joy, introduce them to their Healer, Comforter, Deliverer, and Strength. 

          The woman came inside and only told the men that she had pain in her whole body. When they laid hands on her to pray, she started manifesting and twisting around on the ground.  After the leaders prayed for a while, Jesse told them to stand her up. He told her to look at him in the eyes. He asked, “Do you want to be free?” After a few moments she finally said yes. He asked, “Would you like the Light of the World to come into you and drive that demon out?” Emphatically, she said, “Yes!” In that moment she received Jesus, was free from the pain in her body, and in her right mind. When she testified, everyone started applauding. 

          This month an event took place at Overland Missions that could radically change the reach of this ministry. We served dinner to 32 tribal chiefs from all over Zambia and a few from other countries. The speaker for the evening was 
a member on the board of OM who happens to be the Grand Chief of the Cree nation and at one time the National Chief of all Tribes in Canada.  He is what we would call an “Indian” chief, with the feather headdress and all.  He grew up in northern Canada in a teepee, hunting and fishing.  He said he never knew he was poor until someone came and told them they were poor. He was able to deliver a powerful message to these rural African leaders with how the Gospel effected his nation. Our founder, Phil Smethurst, believes that once these chiefs catch the vision of Overland, they’ll all be asking for missionaries in their chiefdoms. The harvest is plentiful! God send the laborers!




Joyce DeLeeuw
09/09/2013 08:07

The Word of God works! Praise God! We are ONE with the God of signs and wonders and miracles.


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