The realities of the Kingdom of God are becoming more and more real to me as we continue to minister to people who, in the natural, are in a hopeless situation.  The Gospel is the only answer that these people have and we are privileged to be able to be carriers of this Life-giving Message.  The level of physical need can be overwhelming at times, especially in comparison with the lifestyle we are accustomed to as westerners.  We believe that it is essential to have running water, toilets, electricity, and a vehicle.  The people we work with everyday have none of these things.  They have to walk anywhere from a half a mile to three miles to get every drop of water they need and it doesn’t rain at all here for over 7 months of the year.

         As I said, seemingly hopeless, but that is what the Gospel is - a message of hope.  We recently opened up a new area of the Sekute chiefdom which is called Sikaunzwe.  We  had an expedition team that came for a week and a half and evangelized this new area.  They spoke to around 1,500 people and around 250 gave their lives to Jesus - praise God!  People were also healed and set free from demons.  Coinciding with this I had a leaders meeting with the village and church leaders of the area.  At the beginning of the meeting you could see the leaders had almost questioning eyes.  Not long in to the 
preaching you could see their countenances lifting as the message of hope was entering their heart.  There is no greater thrill in the world than to 
speak life into people; it is actually one of the greatest abilities that God has given us as people.  

          Without hope even the rich are miserable. There is an estimated $50 billion dollars a year given in aid to Africa.  With a population of one billion, that is roughly $50 per person per year.  This need here is so big that only a “God” could handle it.  I truly believe that the answer for the people we minister is “on earth as it is in heaven”.  God’s Kingdom being established in the areas as people commit their ways and their hearts to God.  There are people in our areas that have embraced the Gospel and they don’t have running water, toilets, or electricity, but they are thriving in life.  They have hope, destiny, and purpose which is not based in this life but in the eternal realities of God.  I think that there are times that we as Americans have to reevaluate what “life” is and allow it to be based on the Word and not the worldview that has been formed in us.  The Kingdom of God is Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit.  If we have these things in our lives, our families and communities we are truly experiencing life, which not based on our material possessions.

All for His Glory,
Jesse and Heather Krenz
Leadership Meeting in Sikaunzwe


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