After 2 years of reaching villages in the Sekute Central and Makunka areas, it is now time to break open a totally new area and advance the Kingdom with a new strategy for reaching these people. On July 20th, an expedition team of 12 people from the states will go out for 9 days to an area called Sikaunzwe. They will travel on foot from their campsite and visit every hut they can reach to encourage people and preach the gospel. We will be joining them for a few days and stay at their campsite. Our sector missionary, Hannah Sauer, and her father are on this team and it will be good to see Hannah again since she left Zambia last year to go home and raise funds.
          Jesse has been investing a lot into the group of men in Makunka. After receiving Bibles 1 year ago and growing in the Word through our Bible studies, they are now stepping out to begin Bible studies in areas we've never even been to. Teaching Bible studies every week has been fruitful, but our new strategy is to focus specifically on training pastors and raising up leaders in this new area. Sure, there are churches all over Sekute. Every denomination you can think of. But there is no unity. People are bound in religious traditions. People are even bound in cultural traditions of witchcraft in their churches. Our goal is to reach people who haven't heard the gospel. These people go to church, but I wonder, did they truly ever hear the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus alone? Or were they merely taught a religion?

          To transition out of full-time focus on our previous Bible studies, we are electing leaders among the people to continue the meetings. God showed me the woman who was to lead the Bible study in the village of Syakwai. Once I realized that she was the one God wanted, my heart sank. She can't read. I sat there, looking at the strength and potential in that woman and said to myself, "How ridiculous for such a small thing such as illiteracy to hold back a person from their destiny?!" That's when I decided that we must teach all of these women how to read before I can move on. How can I say I have discipled someone when they can't even read the Bible for themselves? This week we will begin holding a literacy class for one hour before every Bible study. My interpreter Winnie will be teaching it of course :)

          Speaking of Bibles, we are happy to say we were able to purchase the Bibles for the people that come faithfully to these meetings and will start giving them out this week! They have waited so patiently and I can't wait to teach them how to use it! This month we also held a borehole celebration to commemorate the 2 wells we were able to put in Kazala last year. It was 12 hours of playing with kids, sharing testimonies, preaching, eating, dancing, and watching movies. Rebecca turned 3 on June 19th and we had a Hello Kitty party with her friends on the base. She's still talking about the lollipops and cupcakes.

          The time is drawing near to come home again and we are putting it into high gear and working diligently until we leave at the end of October. God bless every person who is a part of this ministry through prayers, encouragement, and finances. We will be your feet into the nations.

All for His Glory, 
  Jesse and Heather Krenz


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