It’s that time of the year again, when the small group of missionary staff on base gets invaded by tons of short-term expedition teams and around 20 students who come from all over for our 3-month Advanced Missions Training program. The first night I met the students they looked nervous and unsure what to expect, like every new class. Most of them probably couldn’t believe they were in Africa. Our Pastors, Tim and Kelly Franklin, had the privilege of teaching these students for a week straight along with other guest speakers. It’s awesome watching God through these teaching sessions gently tear down years of wrong thinking about God and our faith and renew their minds in the reality of His love and grace. 
          As if that wouldn’t be enough, Pastor Tim preached at our church here on base the Sunday before classes began. God gave Tim and Kelly information about people that they had just met and prophetic words to encourage them about what God will do in their lives. As he called out people one by one and “read their mail” so to speak, the students were shocked that he would know the struggles that those people had and just shared with the other students the week before. I say all this to the glory of God, who knows us intimately and truly cares for all. God touched all of these students in powerful ways that week - something we have never seen in that magnitude on this mission base. Hallelujah!!!

          Sekute is also exploding, but in slightly less dramatic ways. Leaders are signing up and stepping up to take the gospel to new villages. People keep begging us to come to their village so our Zambian pastors and leaders, armed with translated sermons on their phones, are holding weekly Bible studies in new areas. We keep getting pulled further into the neighboring chiefdom of Musokotwani and the Sector Managers of that chiefdom keep getting pulled into Sekute! God is no respecter of man-made boundaries. He is a consuming fire that can’t be contained. 

          There’s not enough space on this page to tell of all the miracles this past month so I will just share one testimony. A lady named Courtney was on her first expedition for the AMT program. As they were traveling from hut to hut, she came across a little boy whose foot was turned crooked. As she was praying for him, she was filled with the joy of the Lord and began laughing. Then she felt like God told her to kiss his foot, which made her laugh even more. But when she kissed it, it actually turned in her hand and was made completely straight! Glory to God!

          Keep praying! Keep thanking God for all He has done and is doing! We pray God’s blessings on you and your families. We think of everyone often and are looking forward to coming home for a visit in October!

 All for His Glory,
Jesse and Heather Krenz

Pastor Agrippa playing a sermon on his phone for everyone


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