We’ve committed 5 years to the Sekute chiefdom in Zambia. 5 short years. It may seem like that isn’t enough time to accomplish much of anything or to truly disciple someone before leaving them. But our Lord and our example, Jesus Christ, had only 3 short years of actual ministry to change the world. How did He do it? He didn’t stay here on earth to keep an eye on how the ministry was going. He left and entrusted His ministry to earthen vessels such as ourselves. He believes in us, and we believe in the people in the villages.
          Within the vision for sustainable ministry in the sector, indigenous leaders have to be encouraged, equipped, and sent out.  I met with the leaders of the Makunka area and shared with them vision for expanding the ministry we are doing, which means that we need their help.  They are willing to help us continue the Bible studies we have going and to start new ones - praise God!  People love to be a part of something and also to know that they are needed.  I encouraged them that God has chosen them as leaders in that area and He chose them because He believes in them.

          At the leader’s meeting I shared with them our plan for placing teachings on MicroSD cards that are translated into their language and they can play in their phones that have loud speakers.  These teachings will help them to grow and also help them to have something to start their Bible studies with and listen together with other people.  In order to get a memory card they have to be willing to run a Bible study.  I was also able to put the New Testament Audio in their language on the chip.  They were excited because they rarely get any type of Christian literature, even Bibles.  

          The people in the Siakwya area are very hungry for God and faithfully attend our meetings. They already had to walk far to retrieve water and then one of the pipes for their borehole got a hole in it. It took two to three ladies pumping as fast and as hard as they could to fill their water jugs.  We were able to help them fix it and they were extremely thankful after 2-3 months of difficulty with drawing water.

          A wonderful testimony from this month is about woman named Josephine. Almost every night for 5 years when she went to sleep, her body would instantly be in pain all over and her heart would start beating fast. She actually said she thought God was doing this to her and He didn’t love her. Heather and Winnie prayed for her, and at the next meeting you couldn’t even recognize her. Her face was glowing. She said she slept peacefully every night since then and there was no doubt in her mind that God loves her!

          Next week our wonderful pastors from Freedom Christian Center, Pastor Tim and Kelly Franklin, will be here.  It is going to be awesome to host them in our new guest room in that we just finished up. Hope we see some of you here soon too!

All for His Glory,
 Jesse and Heather Krenz
Josephine after God delivered her from attacks during her sleep.


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