God’s presence has been filling our lives. A couple weeks ago I was laying on a mat outside our hut, looking up at the stars. We had worship music playing and I was worshipping God with all my heart singing this wonderful verse: “All of my life, in every season, You are still God, and I have a reason to sing; I have a reason to worship.” When I went started to get up, I needed someone to help pull me up and I felt so heavy. I thought, “It must’ve been a long day or I must be sick or something!” Then I realized - that was the presence of God! It was just the beginning of the manifestation of the glory of God that Jesse and I have been praying to see in our lives and in the villages! Here are just a few awesome testimonies of what God has done this past month:

          Do you remember the area named Delevu that is renown for the amount of people who love to drink there? Missionaries in the past have tried to help these people but now the church they constructed stands empty. It’s been a slow process reaching out to them over the past year but now the people are ready to start meeting together on Sundays again and Pastor Enock is discipling a man who wants to pastor the church. 

          We’ve plowed into a few new villages, giving us a total of 6 ongoing Bible studies where we teach the men and women separately. We pulled up to a new village called Manono and around 20 people gathered to listen to the word. Jesse preached the gospel and everyone chose to receive Christ. You wouldn’t believe how many faithful church-goers are realizing that they only knew about Christ but He didn’t dwell in their hearts.

          Last week we received word that a woman who attends one of our Bible studies had gone crazy. We pulled up to her house, expecting to see a big scene but she was sitting quietly, preparing vegetables. We are not sure how she acted before we got there, but she said that she had a bad headache and 
pain in her chest, and was feeling tormented and oppressed. We prayed for her and immediately she was healed and felt completely free. She really felt the strong presence of the Lord as well. It is such a  wonderful thing to see suffering  people find relief in the power of Christ!

          Whether you support us in prayer or with finances, or even if you just read our updates, you are partnering with us in all the work God is doing here in Zambia. As God pours out His Spirit upon us, you too will share in His presence, joy, and miracles He is releasing! May He grant your heart’s desires  this year!

All For His Glory,

Jesse and Heather Krenz

Betty after we prayed for her


05/05/2013 21:50

Prays The Lord!!!


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