“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Romans 10:17).  When people hear the living Word of God, the powerful force of faith is awakened in their heart and they believe the Truth which makes them free.  This is one of the core things I focus on in the villages as we minister to the people and we are constantly encouraging them to stay in the Word of God.  While I was out in the villages last month God gave me an idea for getting more teaching out to the leaders.  Most of the people out there now have cell phones that hold micro SD cards.  They usually are playing music on their loud speaker on the phone from the memory cards.  I realized that we could put teaching on the cards for them.

          So Fred, our translator, and I are now working on translating teachings and recording them on our computer.  I’m using some of my own teachings, my pastor Tim Franklin’s teachings, and teachings from others.  For only $3.00 we can buy a 2GB card and place 20 to 30 sermons on it. Before I had this idea the leaders were telling me of other areas that were requesting for us to come and I told them that I would need their help. I am going to encourage them to use the messages to grow personally then also go teach what they have learned.  They can easily start their own Bible studies by listening to the teaching together with a group of people and afterward have a time of discussion.   I believe this is really going to advance the Word of God in Sekute this year.   

          This past week we had a night meeting out in Siankwazi village. Before the meeting started, I looked up to see the Milky Way Galaxy stretching across the sky. There were about 10 adults and 17 children that came out for the meeting.  I began sharing with them about the greatness of God just from the stars we could see and His love for us.  Fred wrapped it up by asking them to receive Jesus and everyone of them got saved! Praise God!       

            Another eventful thing that happened this past month was that King Mbandu of the Mbunda tribe of Angola, Congo, and Zambia stayed at our base for a week.  The leaders of Overland believe that the relationship which is being developed with this king who lives in Angola will help tremendously in the efforts of the Gospel into Angola.  I preached my first time at our church here at the base and the king attended, which was a surprise to me!

           Tomorrow we are headed out with the whole family for the first time this year.  The people out there have been waiting to see Heather, Rebecca, and our new baby. It’s going to be awesome!

All For His Glory,

Jesse and Heather Krenz



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