It is good to be home! We returned to Zambia around the middle of January. It is so beautiful and green now because it is the rainy season. We had a warm welcome from our friends at the base who were anticipating our return and they had our house cleaned and prepared for us. When we left for South Africa the house was still unfinished so I had quite a bit of work to do on it when we returned. I installed our gas hot water heater we purchased in South Africa, installed the kitchen sink, stained all the concrete floors, and installed our washing machine. It feels like we now have a home after living in a tent for a year and a half, which we really thank God for.

          The day after we got back I talked with our translator Fred who continued to go to Sekute while we were gone. He is a young man around 21 years of age with a real passion for Jesus and ministry. He’s had a desire to be a missionary also which he is doing now within his own country. While we were gone he would go out for two weeks at a time reaching Sekute by taxi ( I don’t even know how the taxis make it out there). While out there he would spend a few days in each area staying in the houses (huts) that welcomed him. Then he would walk for miles to the next location with his backpack. He had a detailed report for me with the names of all the people that attended his meetings. I was happy to see the attendance showing that the people are truly hungry for God and not just coming out to see the ‘white man’ when I go. 

          Heather and I are believing for a great year this year in Sekute. We are trusting God to begin to take the people deeper in an understanding of Him and His ways. Also, that the ones who have been going after God will begin to bring the Word to the surrounding villages. Some of the leaders we’ve been working with have told us of other villages wanting us to bring the Word of God to them. When I told the leaders that we will need their help to reach more of the chiefdom they were excited about it. 

        Overland’s founder Philip Smethurst just came here from the States for 10 days. While he was here, he made sure to impart vision into all the staff for this year. He encouraged us to carry the anointing and the fire of God wherever we minister, lest all our efforts become man-made religious models that have little power to impact people’s lives. Our hunger for God is increasing and we are committed to praying and seeking God this year like never before. We truly want to see the glory and power of God manifested in our lives and in the villages. May God’s glory fill your lives this year as you are obedient to step into all He has for you! 

All For His Glory, 

Jesse and Heather Krenz 


Joyce Deleeuw
02/11/2013 10:18

Just reading your newsletters and viewing your pictures excites me to see how the hand of God has developed your ministry.

To see the hunger of the people is a great sign that God truly can and will impact that nation.

Praying and thanking God for you and your beautiful family. Thank you for the DVD and seeing your work in the nation.


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