It’s definitely a new season for us in every way. We are on a 6-week furlough in South Africa and will be coming home to Zambia to a new house and with a new baby. On November 11th we left Livingstone, Zambia and drove 19 hours to South Africa. Once we reached the border of Zambia and Botswana, we had to take our vehicle on a ferry across the Zambezi river. I couldn’t believe it when we arrived at the shore of Botswana one minute later. You’d think they’d build a bridge instead! We drove an entire day through Botswana, only passing through 2 cities the entire time. All we saw for miles were cows and donkeys all over the side of the road and in the medians. We were really surprised after all that to pull into a first-world city called Gabarone at the border of Botswana and South Africa. We decided to lodge there and finished our trip the next day.

          We are in Johannesburg, South Africa right now until around the end of December. It is like paradise here. As we drive over the rolling hills, the roads are lined with blooming trees, flower gardens, and lush lawns. There are huge shopping malls, incredible grocery stores, and yes - even McDonald’s! We have been blessed to stay with an awesome couple in their home here and we are really enjoying family time as well as catching up on everything we couldn’t do without fast internet the last 8 months! 
          By the time you read this, Jesse’s mother will have arrived to stay for 3 weeks and assist us with the new baby. Isaiah is due in 1 week and we cannot wait to meet the newest member of our
family! There is a fantastic birthing center here with very knowledgable and helpful midwives called the Genesis Clinic. We are looking forward to a great birthing experience. Here’s the website for the clinic for all the curious ladies: 
          Please pray that God would give us wisdom and strategy for this upcoming year and grace for adjusting to life with 2 children. We pray for all of you in the states that you will have a wonderful Christmas season full of family and the love of Christ. May God’s peace guard your hearts and minds as you brave the shopping malls and traffic :) Feel free to e-mail us anytime and call us on Skype (jessekrenz). 

All for His Glory, 
Jesse and Heather Krenz


Pat Laibl
12/04/2012 02:02

The pictures are great. I love your new house and I know it will be
filled with love and much happiness. We think of you often and pray that you will be safe. We will miss you at Christmas. I know it will be very hard for Norma as well. Take care and much love to all of you. God bless!


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