“Why do babies have a soft spot on the top of their heads?” our Zambian friend Tom asked during his child nutrition seminar in Sikokwani this month. The villagers responded in unison, “That’s where they breathe from.” Not only were we shocked to hear that anyone would believe that, but we also know this is just one of many myths that Africans believe that affect their everyday lives. Some myths are harmless, but many keep them in bondage to a cycle of poverty and fear. This is especially true when it comes to farming. Traditional farming practices include placing stakes around their fields in honor of their ancestors, shaking chicken blood on their field, and praying to their deceased parents at the gravesite.
          This past week the SAM Project, the agricultural arm of Overland Missions, was able to come to our sector and teach “Farming God’s Way”.  Its a method of farming developed by a Christian farmer in Zimbabwe. The first thing they teach is to pray to God when they start their work in the field. They taught techniques that don’t require all the work of plowing large fields and also showed them how to make the most of their fertilizer. When I watched the teaching it made so much sense in contrast to how the villagers have been farming. We know that years of culture will not change overnight, but as a few 
people try these methods and see results, others will follow.  
          In two other areas we were able to show the Jesus film this past month.  In the first area we had over 200 people come and around 60 made a commitment to Jesus.  The second area had around 60 and around 50 stood when the call was made to receive Christ.  Praise God!  These are in areas where we already have Bible studies and we are expecting that more will come now and be discipled.  
          We have been having people come from other areas and request that we come and preach in their villages.  It is bringing to life  the Words of Jesus, “The harvest is plentiful”.  We can see the need for laborers to feed these people with the Word just in our sector, a small area of the earth.  We are blessed that we will be having another sector missionary join us in Sekute next year, her name is Hannah.  She has been working with us for the past couple months and has been gripped with the need for the women to be discipled.  She will be taking over Shannon’s position.  I also have a young man named Fred working along side me as a translator, who is from the village near our base.  He will be able to carry on the ministry while we are gone in South Africa for six weeks during the delivery of our new baby. We are blessed that my mom is coming over during the time our new baby is coming.  We will let you know when he arrives! Thank you all for your prayers and support!

All For His Glory,
Jesse and Heather Krenz



Cathy and Victoria
11/09/2012 12:58

Dear Jesse ,Heather, And Beautiful Lil Rebecca Joy,
We Love You all and are Praying in the New Little Gift Coming soon !!! We miss you and think of you often, and know that God surley takes care of His People!!! So Honored to hear of your testimonies of sharing Jesus with His people, For He is So Worthy!!! So Greatful and In Expectantancy of more Him in all our Lives!!! For His Glory
We miss you at the House Of Freedom and know what an awesome time it will be when we all get together and dwell in Unity again In Jesus Name!!! P. S Heather your Mom Miss Norma is such an inspiration to me and she always shares a sweet story or two...

Love and Blessings, and Prayers, Cathy Watson and Victoria too.


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