“What are we going to do about this water situation?” That is the question that had been plaguing the leaders in the Kazala area. The only hope they had was to approach the Kazangula District council to get on the long list of needed boreholes. Most of the year we had been looking for a place that was in a real need of water. After being in Kazala for a while and learning of the desperate situation they were facing, I knew it was the place we had to drill. 
          The area consists of 172 households with around 800-1000 people, all sharing one hand pump well where some were going up to 2.5 miles for water. It was in use all day from 5am to 10pm and we heard people that lived close would wake up at night and get their water so that they wouldn’t have to wait in line during the day. Many kids were not able to go to school because they were all working to get water. I have seen their situation first hand but can never fully understand the desperation they were in with a lack of such an essential element of life.
          This is one reason I love our job because we live and
work among these people and can locate where true needs
are so others can trust us to direct the humanitarian
efforts without any politics getting involved. Also, it all is
built on a foundation of the Word of God making it
sustainable. We were able to place two boreholes in Kazala
area and the headmen and others were telling us it was
“like a dream”. The church leaders that originally
welcomed us had no idea that God was going to use us to bring physical water also. This has really deepened our relationship with the people and helped our Bible studies in that area.
          The men’s Bible studies have been going really well. God has been helping me each week teach Truths which have been building upon each other. I can see in their expressions that they are starting to grab hold of the Word. As they know the Truth, the Truth will make them free. I believe in the power of the Word of God to cause them to rise up to what God has created them to be, and we will continue to see fruit.
          One cool testimony was on a random day that it rained when we were out ministering. It usually doesn’t rain until November and this was September. We were having a Bible study in a small shelter and the rain drove a young man in there that was riding his bicycle. He stayed for all the preaching and at the end gave his heart to the Lord, Praise God! Thank you all for all your prayers and support, and remember, Sekute is your sector too, you are as much a part as we are.

All for His Glory,
Jesse and Heather Krenz



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