If there were a soul in sight that morning, they would’ve watched as 2 young women walked across a sunny field, one Zambian woman and a pregnant woman holding a screaming and fidgeting toddler. Jesse and Pastor Tim were holding a leadership meeting with 35 people so one of our interpreters, Winnie, and I decided that we might as well go find someone to preach to! We walked up to the first hut, expecting the typical scenario: a woman cooking over the fire with children running around. But the hut was deserted. So we continued and found the whole village gathered at one woman’s home. What was the occasion? She was selling beer. Not exactly the ministry opportunity I had hoped for.
           I stood there, a little unsure as to how to talk to all these people. Someone brought us some chairs and a group of 7 people gathered to listen. One man was clearly drunk but continued to listen as we spoke for over an hour. By the end, all of these precious people prayed to receive Christ, and we even saw the drunk man at our leadership meeting the next week. Was that easy? Was that convenient? Did I even know what I was going to say? No. But just imagine, when you enter into eternity, knowing the tremendous gratitude of each soul you led to salvation, for the small price of a little discomfort. 
          Jesse’s weekly leadership meeting in that area called Makunka has been wonderful. There is a core group of about 7 pastors that faithfully come each week and are working together and becoming unified. The rest of the people who come are headmen of villages or leaders in churches. We are excited to announce that we are receiving our first expedition team from the US today and they will be preaching in Makunka, going hut to hut and holding crusades. This will help that region tremendously. 
          Shannon, Winnie, and I were privileged to witness a beautiful moment at one of our women’s Bible studies. Shannon was teaching the women how to lead others in the salvation prayer and the Holy Spirit spoke to us both that we should have them start with their own children. We watched as 7 or more children prayed with their mothers to receive Christ. What a glorious day!
          Pastor Tim had a wonderful time here and the AMT students really 
 enjoyed his teachings. Our most memorable moment was when we were 
 sitting around the fire at our hut, gazing up multitude of stars. Pastor Tim decided to pray over Pastor Enock, our Zambian village pastor, and it felt like our 2 worlds collided. 
          Also, our family is doing great. We will keep you updated on house and baby progress! 

All For His Glory,
 Jesse and Heather Krenz

Leadership Meeting
Leadership Meeting at Makunka


Aunt Sandy
08/02/2012 20:07

It's so good to hear from you guys again! What a beautiful testimony of being right where the Lord wants you....walking into the tent and the lady selling beer...reminds me of a song.."I went to the enemies camp and I took back what he stole from me!" Thank you for loving those people to Jesus. I love you all and pray for you and do covet your prayers for our family back this way. Love, Aunt Sandy

Jesse and Heather
08/18/2012 05:41

Thanks Aunt Sandy. We miss you lots and you and your family are in our prayers. Love you!!!

-Jesse, Heather, and Rebecca-

Charlie Carroll
08/03/2012 14:52

I heard Jesse speak at a Bible Study at Roy Coy's house in Merritt Island. I'm writing to give you a word of encouragement and to thank you for your answer to God's call on your life. May He keep you safe and be with you and strengthen you as you go through the inevitable trials the enemy will throw your way. I pray for a quick completion of your house and a healthy baby Krenz. Keep the faith.
In His Love,

Jesse and Heather
08/18/2012 05:51

Thank you for taking the time to encourage us and lift us up in prayer. We are so glad we didn't waste any time stepping right into God's plan for our lives. Praying God's blessing on you as well as you serve God in the states or wherever He takes you.

-Jesse and Heather-

Rebecca Kirby
08/04/2012 18:55

Wow!! This is so amazing and up lifting. God is blessing every step and we know there is so much more for you all. Prayers and Blessing!!!

Heather Krenz
08/18/2012 05:54

Thanks Rebecca! Can't wait till you see it in person!

Colette Oliver
08/17/2012 11:19

Praise God! Glad to hear the good reports!!

Heather Krenz
08/18/2012 05:55

Thanks for reading them :) Missing your family a lot. Love you guys. Aren't you and the girls ready to visit Zambia now? ;)

09/01/2012 00:36

I love to hear the testimonies and all of the souls they will be in heaven for eternity. That was awesome about Pastor Tim and the prayer I know God's presence was manifested that night. Keeping all of you in prayer. Love all the pictures they tell an awesome story. May God's Blessings be with you all always Love In Christ Margy


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