Rogue lions on the base and in the villages. A drunk man running out of the bush swinging a flaming plank of wood at our expedition team. Men from our Bible studies leaving their wives late at night to visit other women. A truck rolling after a funeral and the body falling out of the coffin while the women scream in horror. This is real life.       

          We purposely make our reports uplifting and encouraging because in anything in life, there are always good things that happen, as well as bad. We choose to report what the Lord is doing, not the enemy. But homesickness is real, 3rd world living is harsh, and sometimes you are afraid to hear the stories of the pain that some of these people experience. God lets us choose how wide we as believers want to open our hearts to help our fellow man, but sometimes we keep them closed to protect ourselves from any more pain than we ourselves have already endured. But there’s a part of us that comes alive when we choose to feel the pain of another. There’s a compassion and a love that grows so deep inside of us, and we start to intimately understand the heart of the One who first loved us. And oh, how we share in His joy when we help someone heal and see their face filled with joy once again!

          Shannon and I finally decided to ask the women at one of our Bible studies about their marriages, half-scared of the replies. The headman’s wife exhorted the other ladies, “Let’s tell them everything!” And we learned of the alcoholism, abuse, and adultery these women endure. There’s no simple “American fix” for these women - just leave your husbands. They have no means of income to support themselves and their children on their own. Of course the greatest tragedy is that they never hear the words, “I love you” from their spouse, and since they never hear it from their earthly husbands or fathers, they struggle to understand the love of their Heavenly Father.

          But we have faith in Christ inside these men that Jesse disciples just a few yards away from us each week. They have been born again, and through renewing their minds in the Word, they will become the husbands these women deserve. After we learned of these things, Jesse began teaching the next week on marriage, and in time we expect to see these marriages restored and full of love. 

          This month Jesse started a new men’s Bible study in Delevu, we held a women’s conference in the villages with 30 women in attendance, and we were able to give out Bibles to all those who attend our Bible studies! We also drove 8 hours north to Lusaka for a 3-day trip to buy some items for our house. Little did we know how much we needed a break from the dust, heat, and flies! It was such a refreshing trip and we were able to celebrate finding out we are having a baby boy with big slices of cheesecake and frappuccinos! PRAISE GOD! We send everyone our love, thoughts, and prayers.

All For His Glory,

Jesse and Heather Krenz
Ladies receiving their Bibles
Men receiving their Bibles


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