We’ve reached a big milestone in ministry this month - having our own outpost! Now we can stay out in the villages Wednesday-Friday and hold consistent meetings. Many of you are probably wondering what it is like to sleep in a mud hut. I have to admit, I was a little surprised when I brushed up against a wall and dirt crumbled onto our bed! We have a proper bed and Rebecca has her own little room that is only big enough to accommodate her mattress. We are learning little by little what we have gotten ourselves into, like when we got back one night and found a mouse in our bag of clothes! You have to make sure you seal up EVERYTHING because of bugs and critters. We cook over a fire and have a hole in the ground with a grass fence around it for a toilet. Even though this may sound a little rough for some, the tranquility of living out there is like nothing I’ve experienced. 

          As of today, we have 2 women’s and 1 men’s Bible study,
1 prayer meeting, and 1 leadership meeting up and running.
The women’s Bible studies have been incredible. I shared with
you last month testimonies from the women’s Bible study at
Delevu. Now we started one in a village called Sikokwani. We
were amazed that 22 women have attended the meeting so far!
This week Shannon was teaching about loving your neighbor
and she sensed that 2 women in particular had an offense
that was dividing them. She resisted the urge to call them out
right then and there and have them make amends. After the meeting, her interpreter, Winnie, overheard those same 2 ladies reconciling! It’s amazing how these ladies aren’t just hearing the Word, but are hungry to obey it as well.

          We had the privilege of meeting with the Prime Minister of Sekute who is one step below the Chief. He was able to give us so much information about the chiefdom like which areas have been unreached by missionaries, which areas are without schools, and which villages are lacking water. Now we have more insight into where we should drill our first well later this year.

          Our Pastor from Freedom Christian Center, Tim Franklin, arrives Friday! He will be here one week, teaching the Advanced Missions Training students and teaching rural pastors out in the villages. We are going to give him the outpost experience next week and he will get to see first-hand what we are doing in Sekute. Pray that he has an awesome time here! We are praying for you all always that you would continue to walk in the understanding of God’s great love for you and that each one of you would fulfill your destiny to the uttermost. 

All for His Glory,



Sandy Marcotte
07/03/2012 08:19

Your June newsletter just arrive in my inbox and I'm so very thankful to be one your list:-) Your notes of the new life you have was summed up in one word...tranqulity....peace that passes all understanding! Bless you guys! Love, Aunt Sandy


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