On May 17th, our 3-man team arrived to give us such a wonderful gift - a home for our growing family. For 2 weeks I have watched as Jesse’s father, brother, and a close family friend labored from sunup to sundown pouring the slab, laying block, and constructing the roof. The local Zambians have never seen anything built so quickly and professionally. It is a tremendous blessing to us to have our home built by people we love. It is a huge testimony that Jesse has been able to get all the material delivered to the base, run electricity, and plumbing without any delays. For Africa, that’s nearly impossible. We are estimating to be fully moved in by September which will give us plenty of time to get the details finished before the new baby arrives. God’s timing is awesome, isn’t it?

          Ministry has been on pause for a few weeks while the team is here but Rebecca and I drove out to Sekute with Shannon and her interpreter Winnie last week for her women’s Bible study. About 12 women have been attending and a few of them are really being touched by God. Remember how I said the men are asking why we don’t have a Bible study for them? Well the husband of a woman who attends our Bible study insisted that she share with him what she is learning. She told him all the Bible stories she’s learned from the story of creation to Moses! Our favorite testimony is about a woman named Mary Claire. She was an alcoholic (like many people in her village) but after talking with Shannon a few times, she finally opened up and allowed God to heal her heart. She testified the next week at the Bible study about how He touched her and we’ve seen her countenance change to once of peace and joy. She is free from alcohol now and every time we go hut to hut to minister she joins us. This is what it’s all about. Changing lives, one person at a time.

          Finally, we are excited to announce that we have received a donation that will provide for the first well in our sector! In the coming months we will be looking for the best place to drill a well and later this year Overland’s drilling team will come out and drill it for us. Please pray that God would show us which people need this well the most. We also need prayer for protection on the base since there have been thousands of dollars worth of electronics stolen from a total of 4 families here, mostly by the same guy. And of course, every prayer for the new baby and delivery is appreciated! You are in our thoughts and prayers more than you know.

All For His Glory,

Jesse and Heather Krenz


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