When we left for 3 1/2 months to go back to the states, we had no idea what condition our tent and the villages of Sekute would be in when we returned. We were shocked to find everything at the base overgrown and wild from the rainy season. Even our fenced-in backyard was completely filled with tall weeds, complete with a little drowned mouse floating in a bucket. We were also shocked to find that one (or two) of the night guards had stolen many things from our tent, including our GPS and my Toshiba laptop. (We’re not sure why we left them in there anyway). 
          The disappointment of having our things stolen was almost insignificant compared to the joy that filled our hearts as we heard of the incredible things happening in Sekute.
          Remember the leader’s conference we held last November? Pastors and leaders from many denominations attended and were encouraged to work together. Pastor Enock, after being familiar with the strife between denominations for so long, doubted at first that it would be possible to unite them. We knew God would do it, but anticipated it taking a while. But praise God that He is “able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think”(Eph 3:20)! 
          Since we left, pastors have been allowing their members to attend Bible studies across denominations and now people that have never been to Bible study are growing tremendously in their faith. Before, it was unheard of that a church member would ever attend even a non-religious meeting at another church. But on Saturday, 15 people gathered together from 9 villages and 4 churches to hear us preach the word all afternoon. Among the crowd was a man of the New Apostolic church. Last year he only wanted to argue over scriptures. But there we was, listening to every word we said. Only God can 
change someone’s heart like that.
          Jesus said that if we leave houses, family, and land for the gospel’s sake that we will be rewarded 100 fold in this life (Matt 19:29). We didn’t realize how true that verse was until we started clearing land for two houses at once! As we prepare to build a nice home on the base (see picture), the villagers are preparing huts for us and our assistant, Shannon to stay in while we are in Sekute 4 days a week. We are very excited to have Jesse’s father (Chuck) and brother (David) as our first visitors! They will come in May to help build the house.
          Please continue praying! There’s no telling how many 
open doors we are walking through because of your prayers. 
Send us an e-mail once in a while too :)

All for His Glory,
Jesse and Heather Krenz


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