I think the miracles that have blown us away the most are 2 people that we prayed for. Both people were practically bed-ridden and everyone who saw them said they weren't going to live. The one man we prayed for last year and didn't see anything happen instantly. This year we saw him again, and he is walking around and able to work again. The woman we prayed for had tuberculosis. After we prayed she was immediately much better and was able to sit up and get around. She is slowly recovering but her parents said the day we prayed things changed and she got better from that point on. Its wild to think that if we had never come here, people literally would have died. 
          My favorite one is what happened to an old woman named Matilda. She was gathering firewood one day and fell and dislocated her hip. She said she hasn't been able to walk without her walker in almost 2 years and can't even get to church. I preached to her about the man at the pool of Bethesda that stood up and walked and she received every word. We prayed for her and her hip was completely healed. All her pain was gone and she was able to walk with that leg. Unfortunately, her other leg was so weak from lack of exercise (and she is a heavy woman) that she couldn't walk yet. But the last time we saw her, she said she was walking around her hut holding on to it (without her walker) and getting stronger.
          My friend Shannon and I met an old woman whose eye had been shut for a year and hurt her also. Once we prayed, her eye popped right open and she could see out of it, and the pain was gone. When my friend saw it she said to her, "Oh, peekaboo!" Haha. 
          So those are just a few testimonies. I hope you enjoyed them. You never see stuff like that until you get out there and start praying!


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