Every time we drive through Sekute we pass by an abandoned church. It used to be one of 3 churches that was overseen by Pastor Enock (our right-hand man). His heart sinks when he sees it and thinks about the 4 surrounding villages that are without God and undiscipled. One day we learned the history of that place.
         Missionaries in the past have poured themselves out to minister to this area called Delevu (Duh-lay-voo). One day the missionary came to church and no one was there. He finally found them all drinking and discontinued ministry there because of their unwillingness to give up alcohol. Sometimes when we pass there we see trucks delivering huge containers of beer to those people. Men and women alike drink constantly. Despite these things, we called a meeting one day just to test the waters. 

          Only women came. Not just a few, but many. We decided that if only the women were hungry for God, then Shannon will start a weekly women’s Bible study there and eventually the men will come. When the men heard of this, they said, “What are you doing for us?” They were so jealous that they met together on their own that Sunday and shared scriptures with each other! God knows the way to reach the heart of every person and win them to Himself.
         Outpost construction is still underway. Once it is finished and we are staying out there 3 nights a week, we will be able to hold weekly meetings to train pastors and leaders and start more weekly Bible studies. Shannon is doing an awesome job with her first women’s Bible study at Delevu that started last week. She already has the women going out praying for others and evangelizing. Jesse has had great influence among the men. Every time he preaches, the men are convicted to start going back to church and rededicate their lives to Christ. In Sikokwani village, all the men have begun to go back to their Roman Catholic church and desperately want us to start a Bible study there, which we intend to do.
          Honestly, there is not enough room on these pages to tell of all the testimonies of healings, salvations, and revelation people are getting. Everything from an old woman’s shut eye popping open after a year of not seeing out of it, to a Jehovah’s witness turning from his faith to follow Christ, to a woman walking for the first time in almost 2 years after her hip was healed. There is so much we are looking forward to this year. Jesse’s father and brother arrive in 2 weeks, our Pastor is coming in July, our new home is being built, and we are expecting a new baby around the middle of December! God is so good.
          Praying your life will be just as filled with the glory and blessings of God, no matter where you are. Thank you so much for giving us the privilege to devote our lives to advancing the Kingdom in faraway lands.

All for His Glory,

Jesse and Heather Krenz


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