There we all were, like soldiers ready to receive training and discipline to prepare us for the battle ahead. 5 great men of the faith corrected, exhorted, and encouraged our Overland Missions team and many others to make us ready to go back to the mission field. This was our annual OneTribe Missions Conference in Tampa, Florida. It was such an amazing week of reconnecting with the Overland staff, praising God, and allowing our hearts to burn even more for the gospel and for those who have never heard. We are so blessed to belong to an organization with so many spiritual fathers to watch over us and to learn from. Here’s a picture of the speakers this year:
(L to R): Philip Smethurst, Leon van Rooyen, Vaughan Jarrold, Andy Elmes, Mike Petzer       

   Fundraising is back in full swing! Praise God! We are flying back to Zambia March 6th so we have 5 weeks to raise the last 10% of our monthly support. In August we are building an actual home on the base so we can make room for our toddler and more babies! (No, there’s nothing in the works yet). So we will also need to raise $35,000 for the house while we are here.

          Previously we have been driving out to Sekute (the area we work in) 3 days a week, but this year we want to build an outpost there and stay 4 days a week, living amongst the villagers. We would return to our home at the missions base for the weekends. If you’re thinking that sounds really extreme, it is! That would mean fetching water, no toilets, and no electricity. But the longer we are exposed to this way of life, the less it feels like “suffering” or “sacrifice”. We are finding treasures in this life that are better than riches, comfort, and entertainment. We are deepening our relationships with God, each other, and other believers as the “stuff” of this world keeps getting pushed out of the way.

          We have many strategies brewing for this year...Our main priority is training and discipling pastors and leaders in the things of God. Once they are empowered they can continue to disciple others in the Word. We also want to start prayer meetings in the villages because without prayer, we can do nothing. Our assistant, Shannon, loves women and children so there will be extensive work done concerning them as well. (To get to know Shannon a little bit, just visit her blog: We are so excited for this year! Are you? You should be, because this is your work as well!

All for His glory,
Jesse and Heather Krenz


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