After almost 7 months in Zambia we are finally back in the U.S.! Our trip home took about 35 hours and as most of you know, with a 1-year old this could have been a disaster. Praise God that He gave us 2 empty seats next to us on the plane so Rebecca could lay down and sleep for 10 hours. It was the easiest overseas travel we have ever had, so thank you for your prayers. We already miss our new Zambian friends but it has been wonderful seeing family and friends again. We are so grateful for every person in our lives and especially the believers that are behind us and pray for us.

         On Saturday, November 12th we held our first conference with the pastors and headmen. Pastor Enock went to 24 villages on his motorbike and invited the leaders. About 30 men (and a few women) came to the school where we held the conference. Jesse introduced us and explained how we will be working in their chiefdom for the next 5 years. A few of our missionary friends preached as well but as our friend Jake preached, something happened that really opened our eyes. 

He asked if everyone there was a Christian. They said they were and most attended a church. Then he asked, “So what is the Good News? Can anyone tell me?” Everyone was silent for a long time, and finally a church leader responded, “That one day there will be no more suffering.” Another said, “The good news is the kingdom of God.” Jake responded, “Okay, but how do you enter the kingdom of God?” One man replied, “By following certain rules.” There were also other answers but no one in that room could tell us the very basics of our faith - the Good News that God sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins so that by faith in Jesus we could be forgiven and have eternal life. In that moment we realized that although Sekute is heavily evangelized, we have our work cut out for us. After the meeting, the leaders told Enock that they thought they were just gathering for a normal meeting and didn’t expect to hear preaching, but they were so glad to hear the Word of God. Even denominational barriers could not keep these hungry men from hearing the truth.

          Over the last few weeks a woman named Shannon who was in Jesse’s AMT class this summer joined us on a few of our trips out to Sekute. She loved working with us and is currently back home in Jacksonville raising funds to help us as our first Sector Missionary! We are still deciding how she will be helping us next year. We will be in the U.S. until the first week of March and will be busy continuing to raise funds for building God’s kingdom! We are so blessed by the faithful support of so many of you and we pray that God’s blessings will abound in your life for what you are sowing into ours!

All for His Glory, 

Jesse and Heather Krenz


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