As you all know this past year has been a very impacting year on our family’s life. As we look back we are just so thankful for all God has done and where He has brought us to. A few years ago joining Overland Missions almost seemed like a dream that could possibly come true one day. We have now been full time with Overland for a year.

          When you feel the call of God to the mission field and take a step of faith in that direction you are quickly faced with the reality that funds will have to be raised. We were given a really good perspective on this and what can be a burden or a dreaded task for some became a joy for us. We met with many friends and family for the first four months of the year and were able to raise the funds to launch us into the field, glory to God! We loved being able to give an opportunity for people to be engaged in what God is doing in Africa.

          The next step for us was that I had to complete the three month Advanced Missions Training(AMT) to “officially” be on staff with Overland. I had no idea how many essential tools I would acquire through this training. One of the most important things I gained during this time was a deeper understanding of the Gospel and how to effectively bring it to people. Heather had already completed this training in 2008 so she was able to take care of Rebecca and adjust to life in Africa with a baby.

          For a month after AMT was completed we were waiting on paperwork to be able to bring our vehicle into Zambia. During this time we were able to help out around the base. It was good to be able to use my knowledge in construction to repair plumbing and help build other structures on base. Finally at the end of August I was able to drive to Tanzania pick up vehicle, which is a huge blessing.

         Once we got our vehicle we were immediately able to start going out to the Sekute villages for ministry. It was a great feeling to finally get out there after preparing for eight months. One thing God showed me early on in AMT was to enjoy the process. We have a tendency to want things to happen right away, but during the process God prepares us for what He has planned. It did not take long for our hearts to become attached to the people of Sekute. Pastor Enock and Jehoshaphat and their families are amazing people and we are so blessed to be able to work with them. When it was time to return to the states we had mixed feelings about it. We were excited to be able to see family and friends again but were sad to leave our new friends in Zambia.

          I pray that all of you had a great Christmas and New Years. We are looking for to 2012 with great anticipation. There are many speculations as far as what 2012 will be like but I know that our God’s Kingdom is an ever-increasing Kingdom and that He has powerful plans for this year. We love all of you so much and are thankful for the part each of you play in our lives. God Bless you in 2012!


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