On a hot Friday afternoon an SUV drove through the red sand in the middle of a circle of huts, and parked under a tree. Out stepped a white man and a woman holding a baby. The villagers brought out a wooden chair for the man, and a grass mat for the woman and her child. The man began to share the Word of God and encourage the people. As he spoke, the rest of the village started to gather and listen. They spoke of something new coming to their people. God Almighty had heard the cries of His people and is bringing them the Word of God and relief for their suffering.

This visit to the Sikokwain village is pictured above. When Jesse finished preaching, a man spoke up and told him he wanted to start going back to church and following God again. He also expressed on behalf of the whole village their gratitude that we have come to help their people, both spiritually and physically. Everywhere we go, the people are overjoyed that someone has come to help them. Even though the physical need is overwhelming, and even heartbreaking at times, we are proceeding slowly with wisdom. We can only help these people by empowering them to help themselves and each other.

Our focus so far has been to meet leaders in the area, such as pastors and headmen. We want to develop good relationships to build from next year. As we travel from village to village, we often have opportunities to pray for the sick. One testimony of a healing that really blessed us was of a one year old boy. Pastor Enoch had heard he was sick and brought us to his family so we could share the Word and pray for him. When we saw him he looked weak and he hadn’t been eating at all. We laid hands on him and spoke life over his body. Heather gave him a piece of bread which he just held onto. While we continued sharing the boy started eating the bread and then he started nursing, praise God! We recently heard a report that he has been doing fine. I thank God that we carry a Gospel that is real and our God confirms His Word.

As our time here comes to an end (in 3 weeks!) please pray that we would finish well and keep our minds and hearts here until the day we leave. We will return home for 3 months and during that time we will continue to fundraise, spend time with friends and family, and attend Overland’s annual conference in Tampa. We will send out conference details soon. Love you guys and we will see many of you soon!

All For His Glory,

Jesse and Heather Krenz


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