Jesse and I walked up to a village man’s house. We found him inside, lying on his couch, holding his left eye. He told us he had been cutting wood and some splinters scratched his eye. He couldn’t go outside in the light because it was too painful and he could barely open it, let alone read anything. We sat down in his little living room and prayed for him. After that he was able to open his eye and the next thing we knew, he was picking up a Bible and reading it to us! God completely healed him!

This was our first experience with hut-to-hut ministry in our new sector - the Sekute Chiefdom in Zambia. Zambia is divided up into Chiefdoms, where a chief rules the people in a certain area. We had no idea that by August we would have a vehicle and by September we would be launched into Sector Management, without 2 years of formal training. We are partnering with seasoned missionaries, Butch and Janet Berner, who have worked in Sekute for 14 years, discipling people and distributing aid. We are reaping the fruit of their labors, in that we already have two fully discipled men, Enoch and Jehoshaphat, that are ready to help us take on Sekute for Christ. Jesse took these men to a leadership training this month that was held by another Sector Manger to help them understand more fully the vision of Sector Management.

Jesse preached at Enoch’s church on Sunday, and a few people came forward for prayer afterward. One man said he hasn’t been coming to church regularly but now wants to recommit his life to Christ. Another man said he has been having dreams about preaching the gospel! We know that God has already appointed the ones that we will train to minister to their own people.

Since Sekute is only 1 1/2 hours away, this means that we will be staying in Zambia for the next 5 years and we can build a house on the base next year. We are glad we are able to stay on the base so we can stay encouraged by the other missionaries here. In the meantime, we have made our tent nice and cozy with a little backyard and have finally adapted to the inconveniences. But now with only 7 weeks left until we come home, we are getting a little antsy thinking about Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Texas Roadhouse, air conditioning and bagels! They don’t have bagels in Zambia!!!

We are so excited to have a blank slate before us. A whole region just waiting to be impacted by the gospel, both spiritually and physically. Phil Smethurst, the president of Overland, only has one request - that whatever we do will be viral. That it will keep spreading and disciples will continue to be made long after we leave. Your prayers mean so much to us. We have been safe and healthy the whole 5 months we have been here, and God’s favor has been with us for everything. Please pray now for the people in Sekute, and that God would continue to show us His plans for them.

All for His Glory, 

Jesse and Heather Krenz


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