Hunting Hippos? That’s probably the last thing I thought I would have been doing in Africa. Living in a place like this your life is filled with all kinds of randomness. We have a saying here that we use when something random or inconvenient happens - “T.I.A.” (This Is Africa). After completing AMT I have been helping out around the base while we were waiting for paperwork for our vehicle. I’ve been able to help with repairing plumbing in the bathrooms, fixing tents, and framing new structures while Heather helped with cooking meals and cleaning.

One day I was helping fight bush fires to keep them away from the base and the next day I found myself out on the Great Zambezi River hunting hippos. Overland had some newly established relationships with Chief Moomba and his sons. They were hunting to provide the meat for their Chiefdom’s harvest ceremony and the 40th anniversary of the chief’s rule on the throne. This lead to one of our leaders being able to speak the Word of God at this otherwise ritualistic ceremony to more that 1500 people and directly into the chief’s life. The chief and many others got saved and it opened up a whole new sector to minister in, Praise God!

In order for us to begin working in the area we are going to work in we really needed our vehicle that I purchased online from Japan in the middle of July. What was holding this back was not having our work permits. After waiting since May for this a few other people and I drove six hours to Lusaka, the capital, and spent all day in the immigration office to get the right paperwork. God worked on our behalf and helped us to obtain them that day. Thank you all for your prayers regarding this. That was a Monday and by Friday I was heading 1,560 miles away to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to pick up the car.

Traveling in Africa is quite a bit different than the states. At any moment you can drive up on a pot hole-filled stretch of road, semi trucks rolled over that have been there for who knows how long, or a whole troop of baboons crossing the road. Also, the border crossing between Zambia and Tanzania was just chaos and we spent 26 hours there trying to cross and import my vehicle. We almost ran out of diesel at one point after driving through some mountains but stopped at a village and they had a 20 liters that they sold us. Thank God that He protected us and got us safely back to the base.

We now have a 1994 4x4 Toyota Hilux Surf(4-Runner) with 50,000 miles. Thank you all so much for making it possible for us to get a vehicle. It is definitely a tool for us to reach the neglected with the Gospel. We can’t wait to see all that God has in store as we now start into sector management.

All for His Glory,

Jesse and Heather Krenz


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