Jesse has officially graduated from the Advanced Missions Training course! It was 3 months of intense classes, homework, meetings, one freezing night spent in the bush with nothing but the clothes on his back (for the Come Back Alive course), and 3 expeditions to rural villages. Now that he is finished, we are so happy to have time together once again!
          This month we purchased a vehicle since we will be driving a lot in the coming months. It is a dark blue 1994 Toyota Helix Surf and only has 50,000 miles on it. It will be interesting trying to switch our brains to driving on the left side of the road. Please pray that we receive our work permits this month. We applied for them in April and still do not have them. We will need them soon so we can pick up our vehicle in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 
           We just returned from the last AMT expedition. We camped at the same place as we did for the last expedition to Musuketwane and it was great seeing some of the same faces again. Although God did many wonderful things through our team, we will tell you about one story. We split up into small teams again and went from hut to hut, following GPS coordinates marked out by an AMT student who looked on Google Earth for rural villages.  Our coordinates brought us within 65 feet of a hut of a headman named Bernard. We sat down and talked with him for hours. He is a senior headman over 15 villages and cares deeply for the people in his region and their troubles. We could see the pain in his eyes when he told us about a woman whose son was sick and she had to travel extremely far to reach a clinic. The boy died there and she had to carry him all the way back home so he could be buried. 
            When we got back to camp, Jesse was talking with a Zambian pastor that works with Overland. He was telling Jesse that a senior headman was speaking against Overland Missions to the villagers. The pastor decided that he was going to go to the headman’s house that day and speak to him but he didn’t get the chance. Come to find out, he was talking about Bernard! Praise God that we were able to meet him and tell him exactly what we are about and gained his respect. 
             Our plan now is to begin our training as Sector Managers in the Sekute chiefdom. The training will take anywhere from 1-2 years and then we may continue to work in that area as Sector Managers. It looks like we will be in Zambia for quite a long time (instead of relocating to another country) which we are happy about because it is a very peaceful country and we will be able to remain here at the base with everyone. Thank you for your prayers. They are availing much! E-mail us anytime!

All For His Glory,

Jesse and Heather Krenz



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