The Pool Bar
Our whole expedition team went into a town nearby to find people to talk to. Jesse and I walked over to a closed bar with a pool table outfront. A few men were there and challenged Jesse to a game. The Zambian man won so a guy from our team named Beau came up and asked if he could play. The game was really close and a crowd of men started to gather to watch. Beau beat the Zambian man and then asked if he could speak to everyone. He told them how he used to play pool all the time and got really good and won huge bottles of whiskey. His whole life was about playing pool and getting drunk. And he started to feel really empty and wonder what life was really about. When he finished preaching he asked everyone who wanted to receive Christ to stand up. To my surprise, not only did they stand up, but 14 men came forward to receive Christ. This was my favorite testimony because it showed me that no matter how rough people look or what environment you are in, we are not to be ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God to salvation (Romans 1:16).

Arthritis Healed
 We came up to one hut and found a woman, her young sons, her mother, and a few other women. We found out that they were already believers so I encouraged them with Psalm 23 and how good our heavenly Father is that He will give us the things we ask for. Once we finished speaking we asked if they needed prayer. The old woman on the right had arthritis in her hands and shoulders. After we prayed it was almost completely gone and she could bend her fingers without any pain. Another woman didn’t feel well and after we prayed she said she felt strong and completely fine. One of our team members, Erica, lined up the young boys and encouraged them that they can do great things for Christ and prayed with them that God would use them.

Stomach Pains Healed
When we arrived at another hut, we found a woman sitting on the dirt where pigs and chickens were running around. I didn’t understand why she was just sitting there. Her husband was nearby fixing his bike. He told us that she was having severe stomach pains and they took her to the hospital the day before where she received injections. He said she still didn’t feel any better. They invited us to sit down and a girl named Erica on our team preached the gospel to them. By that time, their daughter and his mother had come to listen. When Erica asked if they wanted to receive Christ, before the interpreter could finish translating, he exclaimed, “Yes!” and the rest of the family wanted to receive Christ as well. After that we prayed for the man’s wife and she was completely free of stomach pains. 

 Happy Grandma
 When we were walking down the road we met a 17 year old man named Christmas who  led us back to his brother’s hut where we met their grandmother and his brother’s wife. A man on our team named Peter asked them if they knew Christ. They said that they knew about Him and had been to church but did not know Him. Peter preached the simple gospel message and all 4 of them received Christ. The grandmother was smiling so big and thanking us profusely for coming to them. She had come for a short visit and was so excited that she was there when we arrived. After Peter spoke, I talked to them about the Holy Spirit and how when Jesus ascended to heaven He sent the Holy Spirit to be our helper and comforter. I told them about speaking to God all the time and abiding in Him like Jesus said in John 15. When we asked what prayer requests they had, they only wanted to be strong in their faith and never backslide. 
Headman Saved
At one hut, we were able to speak with two men who were friends. The friend was just visiting. A guy named Tony on our team preached to them and both received Christ with joy. We found out that the man on the left is actually a headman of a village, which is wonderful because headmen have great influence among the people. They also only wanted prayer to remain strong in their faith.

Paralyzed Baby named Faith
Every night we would sit around the campfire and tell testimonies of the day. There were countless testimonies but my favorite was one about a baby girl named Faith who was paralyzed (she probably had cerebral palsy). The team said that when they saw her, she couldn’t hold her head up or sit up and was drooling all over the place, but the mother said she kept believing that God would heal her daughter. The team prayed for her and nothing happened. The next day a woman came to our campsite and told us that Faith was completely healed and sitting up on her own. Praise God for that little girl’s life being changed forever!



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