We just returned from our first expedition as a family! We journeyed to the Musuketwane chiefdom which took about 5 hours from the base here. Our expedition team went out preaching the gospel from hut to hut with the help of our Zambian interpreters. Our group traveled down dusty roads and across a dry riverbed, past brush fires and cattle, and men riding bicycles with hogs tied to the back. We walked up to a hut and found a woman sitting in the middle of her yard where pigs and chickens were running around. Her husband was next to her, fixing his bike. We found out that she had terrible stomach pains and went to the hospital the day before and received shots but still didn’t feel any better.
       We asked them if we could speak with them and they gladly allowed us to share the gospel. Our friend Erica asked them if they knew Jesus Christ and the man replied that he had only heard about Him. When she finished preaching, she asked them if they would like to receive Jesus. The man knew English, and before the interpreter could finish talking, he exclaimed, “Yes!” His wife, mother, and daughter all received Christ as well. We prayed for his wife and she was completely healed of stomach pains. The man was so thankful that we came and talked to him that day. It was in that moment that I realized how many people in this world are just waiting to hear the good news and will receive it with joy if only someone would tell them!
         The next day we went into the town nearby and saw some men 
playing pool in front of a bar. A Zambian man challenged one of our 
guys to a game of pool, and as they played a crowd started to gather. 
After Beau won the game, he asked if he could speak. He preached 
to about 20 men and 14 of them received Christ! At the same time our 
friend Sean was leading 7 men to Christ at a bar across the street! As 
a beautiful ending to this awesome expedition, Rebecca took her first 
steps at our campsite.
        Jesse has been very busy with his missions training course this 
past month. He just completed 2 weeks of medical training and has one month left of AMT. As of now, we plan to start training in the Sukute chiefdom for sector management. It is only a few hours from here. Because we have been so blessed financially, we are able to purchase a vehicle and are shopping around right now for the right one. Besides all that, we are happy, healthy, and enjoying the simple life in a tent.
         Everything we do would be impossible without your prayers and donations. We were able to witness first-hand the fruit of what we have all given towards the kingdom. I hope that through reading these testimonies you can catch a glimpse of how we are all impacting people’s lives. For more testimonies, please visit our website and click on “Blog”. Happy 4th of July!

All For His Glory,

Jesse and Heather Krenz



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