To talk about it is one thing, but to be here is another.  Throughout our time of preparation we spoke many times of what we would be doing in Africa.  The reality is now all around us.  Locations of wells are being determined, agricultural business strategies for villagers are being developed, evangelistic expeditions are coming and going, and pastors are being mentored and raised up.  In the midst of this my AMT (Advanced Missions Training) classes are in full swing.  Our weeks are packed with teachings, cooking, cleaning, and homework.  These are the classes covered so far: Missions Theology, Cross-Cultural Communications, Ministry Ethics, and  Fundraising.  Our training started off with a five-day expedition to Kauwe village in the Nyawa Chiefdom.
       While ministering in the villages sometimes we would walk an hour before reaching a hut.  We walked a long way and met a man named China.  We found out that his daughter received Christ at the Jesus film we showed the night before, and she told him about it.  He had a dream that night about us coming to him.  We shared the Word, God healed his leg and he surrendered his life to Jesus.  He said, “Today is a good day,” because he knew God sent us.  His daughter then led us out into a ground-nut field to her grandmother.  We helped her in the field, explained the scriptures to her, and she was healed of asthma.  I loved seeing how God used that young girl to reach her family.
     While I was out on the expedition, Heather and Rebecca stayed at the base so they could finish settling in to  our new home, a safari tent.  Heather also preached at her first “Women on Fire” meeting in a nearby village where she has been ministering  every Sunday night. We also hired a nanny to help with Rebecca so Heather can devote more time to studying the Word.
            We have already seen the effect of your prayers in our lives. The unity and love among everyone here is unlike we’ve ever seen. We are growing so much spiritually and understanding more the plans God has for our lives. We will post more testimonies on our blog on our website soon. I am excited that even during our training, God uses us to impact lives and we anticipate all that lies ahead of us. We have an upcoming expedition in June that all 3 of us will go on so please pray for people’s lives to be changed as we minister.



Aunt Sandy
06/18/2011 18:22

You must be on an expedition for Jesus:-) The Lord is enabling you to reach those precious people and we are over here continuing to lift you up in prayer. God is so good! The Holy Spirit, our comforter, keeps us and helps us to stay in God's word, so we can share His love. Do you remember the song..Holy Spirit thou art welcome in this place..Holy Spirit thou art welcome in this place..omnipotent Father of mercy and grace..thou art this place!! We love you! Aunt Sandy


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