Greetings from Zambia! We are so excited to be back to our second home. When we left the Livingstone airport  we rode along down a rocky dirt road with the driver dogding pedestrians, cars, and even a herd of cattle! Then we stopped and bought a hand-made wicker shelf and tied it to the top of the car. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we were in a very different country!
       We are staying at Overland Mission’s compound overlooking the Zambezi River. The view is literally breathtaking every morning. We hardly feel like we are “roughing” it now that there is a washing machine and comfy couches. It is so wonderful living in the outdoors and falling asleep every night listening to the sound of the rushing river and crickets. The stars are unbelievably beautiful out here with no light pollution. We have really enjoyed being surrounded by other missionaries that are passionate about God and helping people.
       Jesse jumped right into the 3-month Advanced Missions Training Course with 17 other students. He will be in class 5 days a week taking courses like Diesel Mechanics, Preaching, Wilderness First Responder, Welding, and many others. I took AMT 3 years ago so as I take care of Rebecca I will be praying about what God would have me do at the base these next 3 months. After AMT is finished, we will begin our training as Sector Managers.
       As you can see, Rebecca loves Africa! For anyone who is a little nervous about her safety here, be comforted in knowing that God truly designed her to live on the mission field. She is adventurous and tough. When we bounce down the dirt roads she squeals with delight and couldn’t be happier playing in the dirt. There are also little girls her age here too for her to play with.
     We are so grateful for everyone who has helped us to fulfill this dream. It truly is God’s dream that He put in our hearts and caused us to ache for things which would seem strange to desire, like leaving the comforts of home to help people we don’t even know and being immersed in a culture far different from our own. 
       The AMT class left this morning for their first expedition out into the “bush” for 5 days to minister in villages. There have been strange demonic things happening to people in these villages so please pray for Jesse and the team this week that God will use them mightily. I can’t wait to share with you the amazing testimonies they will have from this trip!

All For His Glory,

Jesse and Heather Krenz


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